Recovering Health – My Story

Hi! I’m RoseAnne and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and teacher. I have battled with weight problems all my life, carrying an extra 15 or 20 pounds through my teen years and most of my early adult life. In my mid-thirties I started packing on even more weight, a little bit each year, until I found myself 80 pounds overweight and so out of shape that I lived in terror of a heart attack. Once an active outdoor-type person who loved to ski, hike, swim and kneeboard behind our boat, more and more I found myself hiding away inside, too embarrassed and too out of shape to participate with my family and friends. I tried diet after diet, often starting well but ending in failure.

Then two things happened which changed my life.

First – I joined a support group at my church that was based on the book Lose It For Life by Stephen Arterburn and Dr. Linda Mintle. This was not a new diet, it was instead a process of discovering why I overeat and a process of changing my way of thinking about eating. It helped me to change my motivation from wanting to look good on the outside to wanting to feel good on the inside and wanting to please the One who had created me. It encouraged me to take small steps that I could live with for a lifetime, slowly training my habits and taste buds to eat a whole new way.

Second – diabetes – not for me, but for my husband, the man who carried only a few extra pounds, has a physically demanding job, is continually active, and seemed to have none of the risk factors for the disease (while I had all of them). Suddenly the man who never gave a thought to what or how much he ate had to rearrange his thinking.

I spent an entire summer vacation researching nutrition and diabetes, reading clinical study after clinical study, searching for the healthiest way of eating, hoping we could heal him with good nutrition but realizing that we must change our eating style for rest of our lives. I knew that to keep my husband at his healthiest, without increasingly more meds, I would have to join his journey, eating the same way he was having to eat. I knew how hard it is to eat differently from others in the household and I knew that he would not be able to completely change without my support.

This blog came about because of all that I have learned about nutrition, health, and fitness as we fight diabetes and strive to become our healthiest. I have never been one to take somebody else’s word on a topic, especially nutrition; I want to see the science behind that “word”. I would expect no less of any of my readers, so I promise to link you to as many studies as I can to back up anything that I say. Call me on it if I don’t back up my statements, and if you have additional sources (real science not just a doctor’s opinion or spin) that either support or contradict what I say please share them in the comments.



  1. Lynne Rankin

    Everyone can use motivation. I’m interested in reading about your journey.

  2. Tawny

    Sounds like an awesome blog – I really respect people who are willing make the changes necessary for improving various areas of their lives! Way to go, RoseAnne!

  3. Elise

    I am sitting in a chair convinced I’ll never be able to loose weight and keep it off. I’m tired of the costant battle and the emotional roller coaster ride. I’m excited for those people who can but feeling I’m one who will live on a yoyo. But maybe this time will be different. Thank You RoseAnne.

    • Elise,
      I know where you are at – I have been there so often. Stick with us. It requires a change of heart and a change of motivation, but that will not happen overnight. All of us together can support and encourage one another through the process.

  4. Ronnie

    I have been looking forward to this blog and I will be looking forward to reading it weekly as I continue my journey towards a healthier lifestyle of eating.
    Thanks, RoseAnne for taking the time to research and put this all together as an encouragement to many

  5. Sara

    Dear RoseAnne,
    Congrats on starting this blog and kudos on supporting your hubby in such a tangible way!
    God first spoke to me about eating when I went through a 2yr bout with bulemia, way before anyone had heard the term. He healed me as I sought His help and learned to think of food differently than I had. (Book of Daniel)
    Then about 5 1/2 yrs ago, when I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning and chronic fatigue, I had to learn to think of food on another whole level – as medicine, as a means to help the body to heal as God created it to. Wow! My husband has seen a miracle take place for me so he endorses healthy eating wholeheartedly to others and sometimes even walks the walk with me ;-)
    in Haiti

    • Thanks, Sara, for your encouraging words. I, too, believe that food was meant to be our first medicine, not a last resort. It is a gift from God that we have lost the knowledge to use correctly.
      Blessings to you!

  6. Ann

    Thank you for doing this, Roseanne. I hope to follow your advice and your blog and make a new beginning in this area of my life in 2012. Thank you for you “yes” and the witness it is to all of us!

  7. Sally Kesseli

    Hi RoseAnne,

    Sue and I spoke last night and she described your blog. I tried your recipe for crustless quiche this morning. It was delicious along with adding a few mushrooms as well. I believe you have gathered some excellent ideas for good nutrition. We do have to be careful with the Vitamin K but the process you recommend allows for that. Thank you. Sally Kesseli

    • I’m glad you liked the quiche, Sally. I think the addition of mushrooms is excellent, I do that too sometimes. I’m so glad to have you join us in the quest to regain the health we were created for. :)

  8. Shelley Moody

    what was that egg breakfast meal that you said in the beginning of the lose it for life week. i think it also had cheese too.

  9. I’ve been reading several of your articles and have copied several of your recipes tonight. Thank you for all the great information. My husband and I are doing a 3 week Daniel Fast right now and starting to make the changes in our lives necessary to live to see our grandbabies one day. Thank you for sharing.

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