Diabetes Resources

Whether you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or have been struggling with the disease for some time, there are two sites that you must visit and spend considerable time at drinking in the knowledge there. Both of them have been an incredible help to me as I have endeavored to provide a healthy diet for me and my diabetic husband. Most people will be able to  keep their  blood sugars down with minimal to no medications if they will but follow the wisdom on these sites.

The site that got us going down the right path and helped us reduce my husband’s A1c from over 9 to 6.2 is Blood Sugar 101.  Visit it and heed their suggestions. You will be glad you did.

Another excellent site for support and information is http://www.diabetesforum.com/ . Read their forums and ask your questions; you will find caring people ready to help you deal with diabetes so you can enjoy life!


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