52 Weeks of Health: Introduction

If you’re like me you did not fall into your current state of poor health (assuming that is why you are reading this blog) overnight or even overyear (that really should be a word).  You are probably in this state because of a lifetime of poor eating habits, and you cannot expect to reverse years of bad habits in a few short weeks or months.

My series 52 Weeks of Health is designed to help you make one or two changes at a time, spending a week getting used to the new habit before moving on. If you need more time to adjust to the change, feel free to let a couple of weeks go by before adding in the next habit, but I would discourage you from attempting to double or triple up on most of the habit changes. Trying to change too much all at once can overwhelm you and lead to discouragement. Give your body time to adjust.

Most of the first steps in 52 Weeks of Health involve adding something in rather than taking something away. I feel that if you start flooding your body with good nutrition and habits first, giving up the stuff that is bad for you will be easier. Your body will actually sigh with relief. So, at least for the first dozen or so steps, do them in order; I think you will find the process a lot less stressful. Those of you getting in on the ground floor will have little choice because you can’t see the next step. :)

Because diabetes is something we deal with in my home I will note when a step should be altered for diabetics. Please read all the way through a discussion if you are a diabetic; some things that are healthy and right for a normal, healthy person would be detrimental for a diabetic.

Again, please remember I am not a doctor. If you are on medications or have not attempted physical exercise in some time, please consult with your doctor before making major changes to your diet or exercise routine. I strongly recommend going for a physical that includes blood work and a stress test. Also, follow any links I post to the science behind my posts and also do your own research. Post any information you find in the comments  – together we can help each other.

Now, move on to the Preliminary Step which will be followed by Week One.



  1. Donna

    So glad to see you blogging your experiences. Looking forward to more! The baby step approach really does work, and taking those “giant steps” always lead to failure and disappointment sooner or later. Great job, Roseanne.

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