Thinking Healthy Thoughts

Maine sunset


So, I’ve been away from here for a long time. Some of my ADD kicked in a while ago and I zoomed off to another interest (photography – you can see some of my work in the photo above and at my photography website), but I have not given up on being healthy. Whole foods, as organic as possible, low-carb, high vegetable intake, and other healthy habits are still the rule of my life. Lots of “healthy” thoughts have been percolating in my brain, I just haven’t taken the time to write them down and share them with you all. A notification that my domain name was about to expire forced me to make a decision about whether or not to get fired up about sharing my thoughts and, given the diversity of health ideas that have been firing through my brain and coming across my path in recent months, I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing again.

Here are some of the topics bouncing around in my mind (and accumulating bookmarks on my browser, files on my computer, and books on my tablet) that I will be sharing with you over the next “days, weeks, months, who knows” (to quote Eeyore).

Hitting the Reset Button – why am I not losing any more weight despite my healthy lifestyle?

Variety is More than the Spice of Life – every plant and animal has a different nutritional profile. Will consuming a wide variety of the healthiest of these help insure that no nutrient is overlooked?

Does “One-Size” Fit All? – Is the healthiest diet for me the same as the healthiest diet for you? Given game-changers such as diabetes, Crohn’s, IBS, lactose-intolerance, etc and the possibility that genetic differences may mean nutritional differences maybe we all have to experiment to find out what works best.

Herbs Are More Than Just Flavoring – my eyes have been opened to the incredible nutrient value and medicinal value of herbs. I’m studying up a few herbs at a time and have started a small herb garden with common culinary herbs that also have medicinal value (thyme, sage, parsley, cilantro

Eating From God’s Garden – some of the most nutrient dense food may be found out in the fields and forests. I’ve been working up the courage to just go foraging for some food.

Health is More Than Eating and Moving – how much of our health is tied to our emotions, discipline (or lack thereof), lifestyle, relationships, and day-to-day surroundings?

Concentrate? – Do we need processed, concentrated forms of the things God has provided in nature? Do we need to take any/some vitamin supplements or use essential oils?

Gardening for Health – Every edible plant we raise instead of purchasing from big commercial farms hundreds of miles away improves our health (as does the simple act of digging in the dirt). You’ll get to see some of my successes and failures at gardening.

The Healthiest Animal-based Proteins – I’m doing lots of researching and “ruminating” on this. I have no doubt that healthy animals raised on their natural diet provide the healthiest meat and that supermarket meat is not the best choice, but I’ve also wondered if some animals are inherently better or worse for you. Is there a health reason (beyond the spiritual reason) that God declared some animals clean and others unclean to the Israelites? Researching…researching…

Moving through Life – when is/are the best time(s) to exercise each day? What kind(s) of exercise is/are the most productive?

Tick Removal – Maine has become overrun with ticks in recent years (never saw them 20 years ago) and the incidences of Lyme Disease and other tick born maladies are increasing in proportion. My yard, which backs up to field and forest, was full of the little pests this year and we’re doing battle. I’ll share some of that battle.

Good Reading – sometimes I’ll just share a good book or website that is adding to my knowledge or making me think.

I hope to see you all more frequently and I really hope to hear from you. What are you discovering and wondering about health? Does one of the above topics really resonate with you right now? Tell us about it in the comment section below. Let’s explore and discover together!


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