Take Two Pills and Call Me In the Morning

I had an appointment with a Physical Therapist to deal with a rotator cuff injury I sustained in a fall last month when we were down in Moore, OK working disaster relief with Samaritan’s Purse.  While going through all the background questions, the PT asked if I was taking any meds routinely. I told her “no” and she looked up and said, “Nothing?” I shook my head and repeated my answer. She looked rather amazed and commented on how unusual that was. Really?Let's get healthy and skip the pills

That reminded me of a conversation I had with my doctor a year ago. We were having a lengthy chat about nutrition and the change that I had experienced in my health since revamping my diet to a healthy, non-processed, low-carb diet and she commented on how frustratingly often she is confronted by patients with a health issue that could be corrected with lifestyle changes, but who just want a pill so they don’t have to make those changes.

Living in this country that has made idols of expediency and convenience to the point of the majority of the population being overweight and unhealthy (or needing meds in order to appear healthy), I find myself feeling incredibly grateful for the way God extricated me from the downward spiral of ill-health in which I was trapped. Now, I have in no way arrived. I still have weight to lose and fitness to gain, but I am med free when the route I was on three years ago should have guaranteed that I would be on hyper-tension, cholesterol, and perhaps diabetes meds by now. All of my vitals and blood work are in the very healthy range, and I rejoice.

I know I am sometimes annoying in my preaching with the intent of convincing others to repent of eating SAD (standard American diet). I know that I can tend toward extremism and rabid nutritional fundamentalism, but my heart aches every time I see someone living so far below their potential because of their health or having bought the pharmaceutical corporations’ propaganda that drugs can allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

If what my PT said is true – that a majority of people over 55 (and maybe younger) are on some sort of medication – it is no wonder we have a health crisis in this country. This is a health crisis that can be reversed, folks! It is time to take our health back, act responsibly, honor the bodies that were created for His glory, and get off those pills!

Stepping down from my soapbox for a glass of water… (hold the pills, please)


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  1. You are truly inspirational, and while you may feel like at times you are annoying, I have to say, I’ve learned a LOT from you sharing your knowledge, research, and opinions! :) I’m hoping I can change my habits for the better so I can by-pass the pills in my future too!

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