Twelve ways to Celebrate in Health

Here we are in the midst of the “most wonderful time of the year” ; a time that for many of us is also one of the most dangerous. Cookies, candies, and pies abound. Company parties, family get-togethers, cookie swaps or other holiday traditions seem to happen every weekend, if not twice a weekend. The eggnog is flowing and the calories are climbing as many surrender to the onslaught hoping to simply keep the weight gain to a manageable level.

I’ve decided I will not surrender this year! I will celebrate Christmas without compromising my health or my weight. Won’t you join me?

Here is my battle plan:

    1. Eat super healthy for every meal – this means lots of super veggies and healthy protein. Being well-nourished helps me avoid temptation.
    2. Avoid sugar and most carbs for as many days in a row as possible. The longer I go without junk, the less appealing junk is.
    3. Drink lots of water. Being even slightly dehydrated seems to create in me a desire to eat.
    4. Get plenty of sleep. Being well-rested cuts down on eating for energy and makes me feel stronger.
    5. Increase my workouts a little. More exercise seems to help me to be aware of what I am eating and, if I do indulge a little, it will help minimize the damage.
    6. Enlist others to help me stay accountable to my workouts and my plan. There is safety in numbers.
    7. Chew my food thoughtfully and thoroughly. Slow and complete chewing of healthy foods helps to release all of the nutrients and gives my brain time to signal that I’ve had enough food. Slow, thoughtful chewing (maybe even nibbling) of the occasional “treat” helps me to wring every bit of enjoyment out of it and keeps me from reaching too quickly for a second helping.
    8. Allow myself a treat once in a while, although preferably no more than once a week. If I eat healthy 95% of the time the other 5% won’t kill me while totally depriving myself may set me up for a major binge.
    9. Plan ahead. Knowing what events are coming up can help me be choosy about when I indulge and what I indulge in. I might be willing to give up the average “treat” in front of me now to save myself for my favorite piece of pie on Saturday.
    10. Ask myself if I am truly hungry or if I am eating for other reasons (boredom, anxiety, anger, fatigue, thirst, or pleasure).  If I’m eating for any other reasons than hunger or pleasure than I need to find something else to do. If hungry, I will eat healthy foods first. If it’s pleasure, then I will ask myself if it is really worth it, if the answer is yes I will resort to rule #7.
    11. Continually remind myself of how good “healthy” feels and how awful I used to feel. I don’t want to go back there.
    12. Cover the next few weeks with prayer. Because I need His power.
What are your strategies for making it through the month of December without sacrificing your health?


  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this list!

  2. Tammy

    This one is for the fridge! Thanks!!

  3. Donna

    Great tips Roseanne, and a timely reminder. Thanks! I too vow to celebrate Christmas without the usual cycle of over-indulgence and self-recrimination that has marked the past. Way to go!

  4. Thanks for the comments, Tammy and Donna! We can do this!

  5. Ann Lombardo

    Wonderful! I’m on board. I was also thinking that perhaps it is a good idea to have some
    “special” healthy food on hand–special fruits or vegetables or seafood…that you enjoy but may be a little too expensive for daily fare. That way, we are still able to enter into the holiday spirit. After all, holidays should be, in part, about making things–company, time, and food–extra special!

    • What a great idea, Ann! You’re right, buying special foods that are healthy can give a celebratory air to our get-togethers and help us to not feel deprived. Make something like that to bring to whatever gathering you attend and you will always have something you can eat.

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