Starting Over

Well…it has been a long time. I did not give up on health or health research, but I think I became overwhelmed by the task I had set for myself on this blog. In attempting to provide you with well-researched articles and scientifically backed steps to take in order to regain health, I found myself having to spend hours before I could post anything. I’m such a perfectionist. Sigh.

That worked OK during the summer, but as I reentered the school year I could not keep up, so I just shut down.

So I am starting over – in a way.

While I still plan on backing up my information as much as possible, the in-depth articles and the 52 Weeks of Health will be spaced a bit further apart. In between them I will feel free to give glimpses of what I am doing to get healthier – including new foods and recipes I’m trying, shopping techniques, exercise ideas, and ideas for improving physical, emotional and spiritual health (because they are all interrelated).

I’ll try to relax a little. J   And I’ll try to give you a true picture of the real, often imperfect, me – a person who usually knows the right thing to do, but struggles with following through all the time. A person who tends to see in black and white (like “never eat sugar – it’s toxic!”) but is learning how to see the gray (“it’s OK to have a treat once in a while”).


Speaking of a true picture – here is a picture of me with one of my grandchildren. I’m the older one with the graying hair. The little girl is one of the reasons I set out to get healthy in the first place. I want to be around for a long time so I can have an impact on her life and the lives of all my grandchildren.

Welcome back to my world. I hope we see a lot more of each other.




  1. YAY! I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m pretty sure it was after reading one of your posts and then talking to the Doc about my cholesterol stuff I got brave and bought Kale. Now I LOVE IT! ^__^

  2. Thanks, Razella! I never would have believed that I could like kale so much either. Greens are pretty much my mainstay now.

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