Regaining My Momentum

Summer vacation has started and I am back! For those who have been wondering what happened to me – I am sorry.  The last few weeks of school became overwhelming and I did not have the time to put a coherent post together.

However, I have been saving notes and making plans (at least in my head) and you should see a flurry of posts over the coming weeks as I discuss topics such as vitamin D, sunshine, cholesterol,  shopping locally, organic food, workout suggestions, and more. I will also be adding to the 52 Weeks of Health posts and starting a regular discussion of diabetes as it pertains to my husband’s struggle with this disease.

I also have been (and will be) experimenting with some awesome recipes – just last night I made a Shrimp and Curry Coconut Soup that was wonderful on a cold, rainy New England day. I’ll be posting that recipe soon.

Watch for my new Facebook page (on my to-do list for this week) and a new post in a couple of days. It will take this week to regain my momentum, but I expect to be cruising soon!



  1. Sue

    Yay! You’re back!!

  2. Breck - husband

    get to work !

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