Week Thirteen – Let’s Review!

Going kayaking on a Sunday afternoonIn celebration of getting the baby steps for the first quarter of the year of 52 Week of Health done, I thought we should take a moment and review these  first very important steps.  How are you doing? If you started strong and fizzled quickly don’t be hard on yourself. Pick one of the “weeks” below, click on that post, and start over. I don’t pretend to do this perfectly and writing this review has been really good for me – I need to regain my focus on a few of these steps myself.

Week One – Power Up With Powerful Vegetables

Add two servings of leafy green vegetables to your diet each day (or at least try to average that). These include Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Romaine lettuce, Swiss Chard, Cabbage and others. They supply you with Vitamins A, C, and K along with lots of important phytonutrients.

Week Two – Night and Day Differences for Your Health

Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep every day!

Week Three – Begin Each Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Make sure you start each day with some healthy proteins and fats – they will carry you through the day.

Week Four – Say “Hello” to Green Tea; Kiss Soft Drinks Good-bye!

Swapping soft drinks for green tea will save your body from a lot of sugar and/or chemicals and will provide some great antioxidants and natural antibiotics.

Week Five – What’s Your Motivation?

Identify high priority motivations for living a healthy lifestyle.

Week Six – Drastically Reduce Your Sugar Intake!

Learn the different names of sugar and don’t buy processed foods that contain them. Learn to like tea and coffee without added sugar and swap sweetened desserts for naturally sweetened fruit.

Week Seven – Let’s Get Moving!

Have you slowly been increasing the amount of intense movement you do? Have you incorporated intervals or strength training into your daily routine? Find some fun ways to get some fresh air and exercise; we went kayaking this afternoon (which is where the picture above came from.)

Week Eight – Chew, Chew, Chew Your Food

Have you stopped gobbling your food and instead begun to slowly chew your food until it is completely mush in your mouth? This will make a huge difference in the amount you eat, the satisfaction you get from what you eat, and the nutrient value of the food.

Week Nine – A Salad a Day

Have you been able to incorporate some sort of vegetable salad into most days? Make a traditional garden salad, a Coleslaw,  a broccoli salad, or a pile of raw vegetables and dip, but make sure you get a variety of important vegetables coupled with a homemade dressing or dip.

Week Ten – Eat More Fish

Get at least two servings of high omega-3 fish each week. If fresh fish is too pricey buy canned salmon or white tuna and make tuna melts, Salmon cakes, or Salmon Slaw. Your mind will thank you.

Week Eleven – Don’t Go It Alone; Spread the Health

Don’t keep your healthy habits to yourself; get your family involved. They deserve to be healthy too and you will find it easier to stick to your commitment if you are all doing this together.

Week Twelve – Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store

The vast majority of whole, relatively untampered-with foods are found around the perimeter of the store while most of the aisles house the processed stuff that is making us all sick and fat and tired. Process food yourself and you and your family may be saved from a sickening amount of additives, preservatives, pesticides, sugars, and trans-fats.

Making the changes of these first 12 weeks made a huge difference in my health; I’ve lost 40 pounds, drastically cut my triglyceride count, and have regained energy that I thought was gone for good. Two years ago I never would have been able to get into a kayak; I did not have the balance because I was too out of shape. Now I am living again.  You can do it too! Renew your commitment today!



  1. Lisa

    Great picture!! You’re doing great on your journey, RoseAnne! Keep it up!

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