Week 12 – Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

As I have become more and more concerned with the nutritional content of what I prepare for us to eat I have learned to cook almost everything from scratch. There are very few aisles in the grocery store I venture down these days.  Probably 90% of all of my groceries (omitting soaps, paper goods, and other non-edibles) come from the healthy perimeter of the grocery store.

I apologize to my readers for the lack of “52 Weeks” posts. My teaching job has to come first and it has been very busy these days. School will be over in a very few weeks and I have a long list of things I want to write about.

My shopping always starts in the produce section where I fill my cart with many different vegetables. I move on to the organic/natural foods section where I might purchase almond butter, walnut oil, flax meal and almond meal. From there I take a brief foray down the condiment aisle for vinegar and one of my few semi-processed addictions, Cholula sauce. (I have it on eggs every morning and on my occasional burger.)

My next stops are the cheese shop, the fish counter, and the meat section (but only when I am out of good grass-fed meat I buy elsewhere and I am desperate for something for supper.) Moving on to the eggs (when the student who brings me her own fresh eggs forgets to bring them) and the dairy section (for yogurt and more cheese) I have successfully circumnavigated the perimeter of the store and have almost every food item I need.  I do make a stop in the frozen food aisle to stock up on some vegetables and then down a couple of other aisles to buy green tea and nuts.

That’s about it with the exception of purchasing non-food items. Now I admit it is easier for me than for some of you because we do not eat any non-vegetable carbs (i.e.  bread, crackers, chips, rice, pasta, cereal, etc.) But if we did eat some of those things I would be making most, if not all, of it from scratch; most of the processed versions of those foods are too lacking in nutrients and too full of unhealthy types of oils, sugars, refined grains, and chemical additives.

Do yourself and your family a favor and buy whole foods around the perimeter of the supermarket and do the processing yourself. Everything from ice cream to crackers can be made from more healthy ingredients at home and you might find you’re cutting back on some of these if you have to make them all from scratch; and that’s not a bad thing.

This is part 10 in the series 52 Weeks of Health. If you are just joining us you may want to start at the beginning.


  1. Sue

    RoseAnne – what is cholula sauce??

  2. Liz Brown

    How do you use walnut oil?

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