Week Eleven – Don’t Go It Alone; Spread the Health

You know, don’t you, that it’s not only about you? You can’t (and shouldn’t) be the lone ranger in your family making two meals every night (or worse: three times each day), one for you and one for the rest of your family. If the way you were eating before was unhealthy for you it is unhealthy for your spouse and your children. What is truly healthy for you is also healthy for the rest of the family.Your kids need healthy food too!

Do not let another generation grow up with eating habits destined to bring on diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac problems. You should be making only one meal each evening – a healthy one for everyone in the household. Yes, you might have to make changes in baby steps and yes, you might have to suffer through some complaints for a little while, but stick to your guns because their health is at stake.

Do you love your children enough to take the time to educate them about their health – actually, do you love them enough to educate yourself about how the human body works and why the choices we make in food are so important so you can explain it to them? Do you love them enough to be willing to tell them you care about them too much to let them keep eating stuff that is destroying their health? Do you love them enough to take the time to find healthy recipes they can get excited about? And do you love them enough to say, “This is what’s for dinner, if you’re hungry eat it because this is your only choice.” They may opt to go hungry that night hoping to make you feel guilty enough to cave to their pressure, but if you stand firm they will begin to eat what you put in front of them. (Now I’m talking about children here – I’m pretty sure you can’t give an ultimatum to your spouse.)

My doctor told me that every dinner in their house begins with a sizeable salad. Her children know that the rest of the meal will not appear until their salads are gone. Guess what – they eat the salad. While in retrospect I did a lot of things wrong in my meal planning when my children were young, I also did a lot of things right. One of those good things was to make them eat at least a little (several bites worth) of everything I set in front of them. Consequently I raised three very non-finicky eaters. By the time they were teenagers there were very few foods my children didn’t like. They may have eaten too many processed foods, but they also ate lots of fruits, vegetables, and fish.

The biggest excuse or complaint I hear from women trying to get healthy or lose weight is that there is too much temptation in the house because of the food they have to buy for the other members of the household. Assuming you are not diabetic and so must completely avoid some food that a healthy person can eat in moderation, you should all be on the same healthy diet. Yes, your weight loss may be a little slower than you envision, but it will be steady and it is more likely to be a permanent loss because you are changing your way of life and giving your family a healthier life.

This is part 11 in the series 52 Weeks of Health. If you are just joining us you may want to start at the beginning.


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  1. Donna

    Excellent advice Roseanne! Thank you for the reminders

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