Help! I’ve Lost Control!

Do you sometimes find your life spiraling out of control? Did you start the 52 Weeks of Health six weeks ago only to find that your discipline has already gone south on vacation?  I know the frustration!Winter sunrise over the harbor

In the weeks since I started this blog I have found myself feeling overwhelmed and out of control. My schoolwork has been piling up on my desk, my daily workouts have become almost non-existent, I’m constantly late getting out the doorway on my way to school, and I feel exhausted and guilty all the time. I took a look at my life and realized I had lost all semblance of discipline.

At my weekly Lose It For Life meeting last night a fellow “loser” suggested I think of one thing to be disciplined about the next day; choose one thing about which I can say, “Yeah, I can do that.” So, that is what I did.

For the past few years I have had a disciplined habit of getting up in the morning and immediately settling down to read a couple of chapters of the Bible, followed by a quick walk/run interval time on the treadmill. I had learned that I could not open my computer until those things were done or at least one of these “priorities” (usually the exercise) would not happen. Recently I have let this discipline slip by giving in to the temptation to check “a few things” online and it seemed to set the tone for the rest of my day. I have felt out of control and behind the eight ball all day because one bad decision spiraled into more bad decisions throughout the day.

Last night I made the decision that the one thing I would be disciplined about was not opening my laptop until I was completely ready for school and I did it! Not only did I get my reading and exercise in, but I was able to gather everything I needed for the day, cook my breakfast, and eat it while leisurely checking my emails, the weather, etc. Of course I got out of the door on time only to have my husband notice I had a flat tire. Sigh…. But it didn’t matter – the rest of my day felt more in control than any day in recent history – all because I started out by making one disciplined choice.

So what one disciplined choice can you make tomorrow? Is your eating out of control? Make the conscious decision to be disciplined in eating a nutritious breakfast or go back and review the first steps of 52 Weeks of Health and begin again with one. Is your house out of control? Decide to be disciplined for 15 minutes and take care of one small area perfectly. Do your mornings seem insane? Come up with one change you can make that will reduce the insanity. Are your finances out of control? Spend some time thinking of one small disciplined change you can make. Perhaps it is checking sales fliers, or balancing your checkbook, or sitting down for 10 minutes and paying some of those bills.

Whatever it is you decide to do, try to do it early in the day. Success begets success. I know that by feeling successful at being disciplined early in the morning I went on to make other disciplined decisions later on. Being disciplined lowers your stress and lowering your stress means making healthier choices about food. Making healthier choices gives you the strength to be disciplined in more ways.

So, what disciplined step will you take tomorrow? Share it in the comments below – writing the choice out will help you take ownership of it.

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  1. Donna

    Great advice! So glad you got it, and shared it. I managed to have something planned for dinner – my one “disciplined” thing today. It was ready in the crockpot when we got home, and just knowing it was there all day seemed to make the rest of the day go smoother. And we’re having a healthier dinner than in recent days, too. Tomorrow – exercise! No laptop until I do.

  2. Sue

    Started the day yesterday in prayer with my hubby – the day (and my attitude) was so much better for it! I totally hear ya – thanks for your honest sharing and for helping us all to realize that the steps don’t have to big, just intentional.

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