Knowledge is Power – #2

Welcome to Knowledge is Power – a weekly round-up of health news, blog posts, and research I have stumbled on in the past 7 days. Subscribe to my blog using one of the means at the right and you won’t miss one of these installments.

Great new blog I found this week:
The War on Insulin (and the defense of fat) by Peter Attia, MD – This is one of my new favorite nutrition blogs (I’ll share the other in my next Knowledge is Power post.) Dr Attia supports a low-carb diet with all the scientific information that I love, but written in a way that most people can understand. If you read nothing else, read his story that explains the personal circumstances that totally revolutionized his ideas on what makes up a healthy diet.

A friend of mine (thanks, Donna) sent me the link to an article on the website that featured a great graphical illustration of how carbs cause us to store (sometimes large amounts of) fat. The “poster” is called Carbs are Killing You; check it out!

A study published this month in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine reported finding that post-menopausal women who took statins were at an increased risk of becoming diabetic. Now I could only view the summary of the study and could not view the whole study as I am not a subscriber of the journal,  so I don’t know enough specifics to intelligently comment on their results. However, in my opinion, this is one more reason to seek nutritional therapies for problems such as high cholesterol before resorting to medications that might cause other problems.

It’s been a month since you made that resolution to get healthy; how are you doing? Are you feeling discouraged and overwhelmed already? Have you lost sight of the bigger picture – a picture with lots of small steps that will, little by little, get you where you want to be? Here is a great video to help you regain the vision of slow changes that will reap big rewards later on.


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  1. Sue

    Thanks for continuing to do such a thorough job with your posts – I know it is a huge job, but so many of us are getting amazing benefits from it. I really enjoyed your impromptu consult the other night at the grocery store – thanks for that too! Love you!

  2. Donna

    Can’t say I’ve done every step, but I find it all informative and inspiring. My scale at home shows 4 lbs lost in a month. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you, Donna and Sue. So glad to be of any assistance I can as we all try to find our way to a healthy, productive life. Keep up the good work! Remember – step by step.

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