52 Weeks of Health – Preliminary Step

If you have not read the introduction to 52 Weeks of Health, please do so here

As you set off on this journey to get healthy I recommend you set a benchmark, recording where you are right now, mostly in terms of your diet. Record everything you eat for four days of normal eating – if you are spending the next 24 hours with lots of family and friends wait until they are gone and you are eating in your normal fashion.

I know that many of you hate to do this – really, I hate to do it too. I am only asking for 4 days and if you only remember for 3 days – so be it.  I want you to see what your diet is composed of at the beginning of this year. We will compare it quarterly to see what changes have been made.

Note approximately how much of each food you have eaten and when you have eaten it. You can write this down on a piece of paper or try to remember at the end of the day. Then log it in an appropriate online program. If you have a smart phone there are apps that allow you to enter your food intake and some even allow you to swipe the UPC code on a package to speed up your logging. If you are like me and have a less-than-smart phone, you can go to one of the websites listed below for logging your food

At the end of the four days average the following stats: your daily servings of green and brightly colored vegetables (no starchy vegetables here), your daily protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake, and your daily calorie intake.  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but the websites below will make it easier. And really – it’s only for 4 days! Keep this record where you can find it in three months.

If you would like – post your numbers in the comment section. Remember, this is a starting point! Pay no attention to whether or not you go over the recommended amount of each, because of my research I strongly disagree with some of those numbers.

Great sites for tracking meals can be found here.

When you are ready, move on to Week One.



  1. Holly Coleman

    Looking forward to joining in on this 52 week journey!

  2. I absolutely love what you are doing with your blog. What a brilliant way to share knowledge and offer support! Looking forward to following along as the weeks go by!

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Jess. I’m a fanatic about digging in and understanding what causes something, and the call to share what I was learning was overwhelming. I’m sure the site will morph and evolve over time, but I am glad I finally started it. Looking forward to your comments as we go along.

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