52 Weeks of Health

It’s that time again…the time when so many of us make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get in shape. I have read that more treadmills are sold in January than in any other month and I wouldn’t be surprised if by March most of them are gathering dust and are sold in a yard sale at some future date.

The problem is most of us jump into this resolution business trying to change everything at once only to find ourselves overwhelmed and incapable of maintaining so many changes at once.

52 Weeks of Health is designed to reverse the accumulation of bad health habits slowly – the way we learned them. Taking a baby step per week, by the end of a year you should find yourself in far better health than you have experienced in a long time and well on your way to fitness. In fact, if you truly put into practice the weekly suggestions many of you will notice a great difference by the end of the first quarter.

Start with the introduction and then proceed through each of the steps on a weekly basis. The only exception is the first step of tracking your eating for a few days. Feel free to start the next step (Week 1) anytime after that step.

Preliminary Step – Tracking Your Eating
Week One – Power Up with Powerful Vegetables
Week Two – Night and Day Differences for Your Health
Week Three – Begin Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Week Four – Say “Hello” to Green Tea; Kiss Soft Drinks Goodbye!
Week Five – What’s Your Motivation?


One comment

  1. Sue

    I used to have a food diary in college – that’s when I went from a size 18 to a size 10 :D (that’s an 80’S size 10!) I will vouch that is an EXCELLENT tool! :D

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